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Dear John,

I would like to thank you for the great work that you did at Celadon. The Nu-Wool blown cellulose insulation was an excellent choice to thermally insulate the buildings as well as providing acoustical separation between the tenants. After running the energy calculations of the building through the ResCheck program, we were up to 25% better than the energy requirements as required by code. The blown cellulose insulation also filled all the small crevices and cavities in the walls for a much tighter envelope than regular Batt blankets. The blown cellulose insulation was also integral to the team's sustainable design goals. This product is truly recycled and is completely non-toxic to the installers, occupants and to the environment. We at Liquid Design truly believe that using this product has kept us true to our design goals and separates us from those who simply 'green-wash' their projects.

Thanks again for your service and your knowledge in helping us and the contractor deliver a superior product.


Green Up!

Help ensure a better tomorrow with AppleBlossom Insulators' eco-friendly solutions

With global climate concerns becoming a growing issue, people are more aware of how their actions affect the world around them. In particular, people are increasingly concerned about how energy production and usage affects he environment, and in turn, the future. "Going Green" is an effort made by environmentally conscious and well-informed consumers who are thinking about managing their money and making choices based on whether or not products and services are earth-friendly, ethically-produced and made, recyclable and energy-efficient.

It is known that home and building leakages account for 75% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When those leaks are sealed and buildings are brought up to the department of energy regulations, it can reduce greenhouse gases tremendously, making for a healthier environment.

At AppleBlossom Insulators, we are committed to making a difference. We create a holistic solution for your home or business to benefit both you and the environment. When a member of the AppleBlossom team comes to your home or office, we look at your total energy usage and efficiency, including assessing lighting fixtures, water-flow measures, window tint, air and duct sealing and HVAC performance. We evaluate equipment used in your day-to-day living and operations.

After a thorough review, we recommend a plan to increase energy efficiency utilizing superior, green products and services that will also reduce overall energy costs.

We can also help you obtain an ENERGY STAR® label for your home or business. ENERGY STAR® -certified homes receive a rate discount from power companies and traditionally provide additional value during resale. With certified Energy Raters on staff, AppleBlossom Insulators is uniquely qualified to walk a homeowner or builder through the ENERGY STAR® certification process. Our team members will help you:

  • Identify improvement opportunities by rating the home or building's efficiency with the ENERGY STAR® Energy Performance Rating System.
  • Use the Energy Performance Rating System to set goals for existing buildings. We also use the ENERGY STAR® New Building Design Guidance, including Target Finder, to achieve goals as well as recognize plans for buildings designed to earn the ENERGY STAR®.
  • Justify projects in powerful financial terms, prioritize opportunities, and establish plans for reaching goals using the ENERGY STAR® Building Manual.
  • Compare improved energy performance against goals using the Energy Performance Rating System.
  • Document and communicate project success, identify buildings eligible for the ENERGY STAR® Label, achieve leadership awards, and develop case studies.

* ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. With the help of ENERGY STAR®, Americans saved enough energy in 2007 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 27 million cars â€" all while saving $16 billion on their utility bills.

We are trained and recognized by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency as Service Partner Providers.