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When I found out that someone local was installing cellolose insulation in existing houses I admit I as a little shocked. I was sure I could find someone to install the pink stuff.  I can rent a machine from The Home Depot and blow it myself but I was looking for a better isolative product.  I wanted something that would work better and I found it with Apple Blossom Insulators. 

I knew cellulose was superior to fiberglass but until I met John Meeks I didn't know just how superior it really was.  When John cranked up his "birdhouse" display and started to explain how much better cellulous is in comparison to fiberglass I was shocked.  I know what you're thinking, I've already used the "shocked" twice in the first two paragraphs of this description of our experience with Apple Blossom but brace yourself because I'll probably use it a couple more times. 

John and his crew came and did an assessment of our home.  Wait let me back up.  When I met John my wife was six months pregnant with our second child.  John and his crew went to great lengths to make the process of insulating our house a great experience despite the fact that we were experiencing a time of great transition in our lives.  Ok so John came out and looked over our situation and did a blower door test. This involved temporarily installing a special "door" in one of our exterior doorways.  It then pumps air out of the house and the resulting negative pressure made it easy to calculate the amount of air flowing into our home.  We live in an 80-year-old house so as you can imagine, there was a lot of air flowing in.  His crew set out to seal leaks which were easy to find with the blower door running.  Even before any insulation was added to the house was much more efficient because our heating and cooling system could re-circulate more air from inside our own home and mix it with less air from outside- air that in the winter is much colder and in the summer is much hotter. 

Then John's crew took to the task of blowing insulation into our attic and into our walls (which previously had NO insulation!).  They finished by adding insulation between the floor joists beneath our house.  What was the result?  Well get ready because I'm going to use the word "shocking" again.  We were shocked.  Our heating and cooling costs during the last year are down between 25 percent and 75 percent depending on the month.  I can't even get home from work on the first day of the month without hearing about our latest bill.  My wife calls me at work when she receives our bill electronically on the Internet. "Guess how much we're down this month?" she'll ask me.  The tax rebate we got for energy efficiency coupled with the reduction in the cost of heating and cooling means this insulation pays for itself very quickly.

Let me mention two other advantages.  We've noticed a significant reduction in noise from outside.  It was strange actually because we were used to some noise from the street in front of our home and after the insulation installation was complete, it almost completely went away.  It's also nice to know that the burn rate of our insulation is much slower than typical insulation.  It's nice to know that if we were to ever have a fire that our walls would burn more slowly.

John Meeks and Apple Blossom Insulators provided my family with an excellent service, and did so in a timely manner, exceeding all.  This country can be more energy efficient and companies like Apple Blossom can lead the way.  I highly recommend them. 

The entire process was very easy. His prices are VERY competitive and his work superior. Anywhere my furniture or doorways came into contact with his equipment, they were protected. I had no marks anywhere. This man knows what he is doing, and he does it right the first time... no cutting corners. I would recommend him highly!

AppleBlossom did a great job and I would highly recommend this company. The owner, John Meeks, was professional and prompt. He called us to make sure we were happy with the job his crew did, and he even asked his crew to come back and adjust the attic dam to make it easier for us to access the attic. The final cost was lower than the estimate, and I feel like I got more than my money's worth.

They were prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. They did a very thorough job and the crew members were very hard workers! I am very satisfied.

I would highly rate John and AppleBlossom Insulators. John is the owner and the person that I dealt with from the first call to the completed project. Our job and attic was a very difficult job due to the tight quarters and age of the house, the heat, and the animal droppings. John was great. He returned my calls very promptly, and he was timely with meeting for a quote. Our job had some minor setbacks and complications; however, John was very timely in correcting those and was genuine in his concern for our satisfaction. He is a great example to the commitment to excellence of a small business owner. I am delighted with the finished product and the man that stands for the company.

Dear John,

I would like to thank you for the great work that you did at Celadon. The Nu-Wool blown cellulose insulation was an excellent choice to thermally insulate the buildings as well as providing acoustical separation between the tenants. After running the energy calculations of the building through the ResCheck program, we were up to 25% better than the energy requirements as required by code. The blown cellulose insulation also filled all the small crevices and cavities in the walls for a much tighter envelope than regular Batt blankets. The blown cellulose insulation was also integral to the team's sustainable design goals. This product is truly recycled and is completely non-toxic to the installers, occupants and to the environment. We at Liquid Design truly believe that using this product has kept us true to our design goals and separates us from those who simply 'green-wash' their projects.

Thanks again for your service and your knowledge in helping us and the contractor deliver a superior product.


While AppleBlossom specializes in green technologies, we also offer a wide range of traditional solutions to meet any client needs. We encourage you to browse our education section and talk with a member of our team to learn about the best option to meet your energy and budgetary needs.

Services we offer include:


Energy Star Certifications

Creating greater energy efficiencies in your home is one of the most effective and easy-to-implement eco-friendly improvements you can achieve. AppleBlossom's green cellulose insulation materials are not only healthier for you and your family than standard fiberglass insulation, as they do not contain petro-chemicals like foam insulations, they are also made of recycled materials to produce less of an effect on the environment…and they simply work better!

At AppleBlossom, we're passionate about making a difference and committed to helping provide a warm, comfortable home for all - while conserving energy and generating cost savings for homeowners.

We guarantee our clients will see savings of 20-40% on their energy bills once they've implemented a custom solution for their home using our superior insulation products.

We also help home and business owners obtain an ENERGY STAR® label for their properties. ENERGY STAR®-certified homes receive a rate discount from power companies and traditionally provide additional value during resale. With certified Energy Raters on staff, AppleBlossom Insulators is uniquely qualified to walk a homeowner or builder through the ENERGY STAR® certification process.

Our team members will help you:

  • Identify improvement opportunities by rating the home or building's efficiency with the ENERGY STAR® Energy Performance Rating System.
  • Use the Energy Performance Rating System to set goals for existing buildings. We also use the ENERGY STAR® New Building Design Guidance, including Target Finder, to achieve goals as well as recognize plans for buildings designed to earn the ENERGY STAR®.
  • Justify projects in powerful financial terms, prioritize opportunities, and establish plans for reaching goals using the ENERGY STAR® Building Manual.
  • Compare improved energy performance against goals using the Energy Performance Rating System.
  • Document and communicate project success, identify buildings eligible for the ENERGY STAR® Label, achieve leadership awards, and develop case studies.

*ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. With the help of ENERGY STAR®, Americans saved enough energy in 2007 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 27 million cars â€" all while saving $16 billion on their utility bills.

AppleBlossom's insulation pays for itself within 18-34 months of installation with noticeable energy cost savings. We guarantee it! Contact us for a free estimate and start saving!

Energy Audits

AppleBlossom Insulators will provide a complimentary Energy Audit for your home or building in order to evaluate how best to improve both your energy and financial conservation.

During the assessment, we evaluate air loss at windows, plumbing pipes, bypasses (places or little cracks where warm or cold air escapes) or any place where energy could be lost. This will determine which areas need shoring up or new insulation solutions. Leakage in an air distribution system can cause up to 50% of the climate-controlled air to escape prior to reaching your living space. This type of leakage also pulls in mold spores, moisture and dusty air from crawl spaces and attics. Our skilled technicians will also measure the efficiency and performance of your major appliances, including furnaces, lighting and more.

Based on the audit results, AppleBlossom's highly trained staff will design a solution to meet your needs and budget in order to conserve energy usage and reduce energy spending.

We can also help you obtain an ENERGY STAR® label for your home or business. ENERGY STAR®-certified homes receive a rate discount from power companies and traditionally provide additional value during resale. With certified Energy Raters on staff, AppleBlossom Insulators is uniquely qualified to walk a homeowner or builder through the ENERGY STAR® certification process.

Insulation Installation

Though we also offer traditional options, our preferred insulation technology is Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation, an energy-saving insulation made from recycled newspapers. AppleBlossom Insulators' experienced team members have extensive training and experience in the installation of this product.

For insulation to work properly, it must be installed carefully with no gaps, crimping or compression. This is especially important in areas where the insulation has to fit around obstacles such as pipes and electrical wiring and outlets.

There are four major types of loose-fill cellulose products generally characterized as dry cellulose (typically used in existing homes by blowing the cellulose into holes drilled into the tops of walls), spray applied cellulose (used most often for new construction), stabilized cellulose (utilized in attic/roof insulation) and low dust cellulose (sometimes used to reduce dust levels, though new dust will not be created after installation). These products and procedures are used in different parts of a building and for different reasons, and AppleBlossom provides installation expertise for all aspects of your energy-savings plan.

HVAC Testing

The purpose of testing, adjusting, and balancing an HVAC system (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) is to ensure the system is providing maximum occupant comfort at the lowest energy cost possible. At AppleBlossom, we have partners who are specially trained in fine-tuning furnaces and balancing airflow. HVAC Testing is part of our commitment to energy conservation and increasing the comfort of our clients while minimizing home and business climate-control costs.

Duct Sealing & Insulation

Quality insulation correctly installed in an air-sealed home minimizes heat loss, saves money, and contributes to better air quality by reducing the time your air distribution system is running. At AppleBlossom Insulators, we can help you to "green" your existing home by sealing your ducts to make sure your heating and cooling components function to their full potential.

You will benefit from duct sealing if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do your filters get dirty quickly?
  • Are there dirt streaks showing at the corners and seams of duct connections?
  • Do you have rooms that just don't get adequate air flow and never seem to feel comfortable?
  • Do you have ducts in your attic or crawl space?

An unsealed or poorly sealed air distribution system wastes your money and may contribute to unhealthy air in the home. Sealing your ductwork and air handler not only saves money and conserves energy, but also improves air quality in your home while reducing the carbon off-gassing from your home into the atmosphere.

Most of today's existing homes were built before we understood the importance of energy efficiency to saving our money and protecting our planet. Homes built prior to 1984 were not required to have the joints in the duct system taped, but even newer houses that do have taped joints are ineffective. Taping doesn't work because naturally occurring condensation causes the tape to release. AppleBlossom Insulators will use our diagnostic equipment to determine when ducts are adequately sealed for the improved comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Sealed Crawl Spaces & Attics

Professionally installed quality insulation in crawl spaces and attics is critically important in the Carolinas' climate.  With the spring and summer humidity, homes are susceptible to mold or moisture damage, musty odors, wood warping and insect infestation. AppleBlossom Insulators can ensure your home or business is protected from these issues, with our eco-friendly insulation solutions.

Green Homes & Offices

AppleBlossom Insulators joined with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Samuel Bodman as part of a new national energy-saving initiative: the U.S. Department of Energy's Builders Challenge. 

"For AppleBlossom Insulators, building high-performance homes has been a core business model since day one," said John Meeks.  "We welcome this voluntary initiative for Builders, and look forward to working with DOE to build consumer awareness of the benefits for buying highly energy efficient homes." 

The EnergySmart Home Scale, or E-Scale  serves as a tool for marketing energy-efficient homes.  Consumer interest has been increasing in the top energy-performing homes, and now there is a tool that clearly allows builders to differentiate their products in the marketplace.

"AppleBlossom Insulators believes it is possible to build new homes that are more efficient than code by 30 percent or better at little or no net cost," continued John Meeks.  "Achieving these efficiencies does require sophisticated design and installation techniques that go beyond standard industry practice, but the competitive advantage of these homes with their high quality means faster sales.  And, we believe this kind of high-performance building is the right thing for our nation, our natural environment, and our customers."

The Builders Challenge encourages U.S. home builders to adopt the E-Scale on a voluntary basis, and also to utilize best practices for home design and construction.  The initiative seeks to accelerate use of successful whole-house design and construction practices that have been developed and verified through DOE research in its Building America program.  

BPI Training

AppleBlossom Insulators is an affiliate of the Building Performance Institute, Inc., an organization that provides nationally recognized training for certification, accreditation and quality-assurance programs within the building industry. BPI affiliates are experts in their field that help raise the bar in home performance contracting, making homes healthier, safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

AppleBlossom Insulators is dedicated to advancing the BPI mission. We now offer training in the following specialties: Building Analyst, Shell Specialist, Mobile Home Specialist and Multi-Family Building Specialist. Through this training, our experts will offer specific education and administer written and field examinations.

This BPI training is currently offered at the Concord, NC location, with plans for continuing education opportunities at our new Asheville location. Please contact us for more information.

Courses Include:

Home Energy Auditing

This is a 5 day training session to provide students with a understanding of building science principles. The student will learn to determine what energy saving measures need to be installed in a home using building science principles, infiltration theory, diagnostic techniques, and auditing techniques. The student will have hands on experience auditing a complex house and will leave this training with the knowledge and skills to audit a home using diagnostic and field  techniques that will assist them with applying  appropriate  energy savings measures which will give homeowners a savings investment from weatherization.

Prerequisite: None. All skills levels are accepted

BPI Analyst Training and Testing

This a a 4  day training session which will lead to  lead to certification as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst I. On days 5 and 6 students will be offered the option to take the written and field test for BPI Building Analyst I. This course will help students have a full understanding of  building science principles, health and safety issues, BPI requirements and guidelines, envelope and duct leakage testing, insulation evaluation, and combustion safety testing. At the end of the  Building Analyst I training students interested in certification will be given  a written exam and will be tested in the field to show they have the knoowledge and skills required by BPI to obtain certification.

Prerequisite: Home Energy Auditing Course and/or experience in Home Inspections, Building Science or Weatherization fields.

Instructors are also availiable to test at a later date for those interested, certain fees will apply.

BPI Mobile Home Certification

This is a 4 day training session which will lead to certification as a Building Performance Institue (BPI) Mobile Certification. On Days 5-6 students will be offered the option to to take the written and field test for BPI Mobile Home Certification. Students will have a full understanding of theory and practice applied by BPI standards for mobile homes.

Prerequisite: Mobile Home Training and/or experience in Mobile Home Inspections

Diagnostic Approaches and Equipment for Infiltration Reduction

This  is a 4 day course students will learn the principals of air leakage and how air tightness, mechanical devices, and occupants affect the house as a system. Students will also learn to use diagnostic equipment including the blower door, pressure pans, thermal imaging camera, and the duct blaster. This session will cover techniques for air sealing, calculating minimum ventilation rates, mechanical ventilation, and client health.

Prerequisite: Energy Auditng and/or experience using blower door guided air sealing

Mold And Moisture Basics

This is a 2 day training session that covers a brief history of mold, theory, types of mold, various items to look for when completing audits, what to tell client, and what measures can be taken to try to insure that the work being performed will not cause a moisture problem. Participants should have a better understanding of mold and moisture and what steps they should take to insure clients health and safety is primary focus when performing work in the home.

Prerequisite: None

Weatherization Crew Training and Tactics

This is a 5 day course that includes hands on training. The class will cover approaches of whole house weatherization and installation techniques. Students will receive hands on training that will focus on areas of health and safety on the job site, air sealing, insulation placement, sealing ductwork, and uising blower door guided air sealing techniques to effectively  weatherize a dwelling. Students will also learn organization techniques including crew management, organization on the job, and effectively organizing trucks to improve quality and quanity. 

Prerequisite: None

Mobile Home Inspection and Weatherization Training

This is a 5 day training session that will prepare students to complete energy audits on mobile homes and techniques of installing weatherization measures. Students will receive training on installing materials and the specific problems and concerns that are encountered with Mobile Homes. This is a classroom and hands on training:

Prerequisite: None